Bankruptcy Fees

Bankruptcy Fees

The bankruptcy fees are current as of November, 2011. Fees may be subject to change and will be announced by the U.S. Bankruptcy Court.

The fees listed below are statutory bankruptcy filing fees, payable to the bankruptcy court. These figures may have changed since our last update and DO NOT include bankruptcy attorney fees, which vary depending upon location, the complexity of your case and a variety of other factors.

  • Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Filing Fee: $306

    (Discharge of most unsecured debts)
  • Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Filing Fee: $281

    (Structured interest-free repayment plan; often can stop foreclosure

The attorneys fees vary from case to case and depend on what type of bankruptcy you qualify for.  At the time of your free consultation, one of the experienced Michigan bankruptcy attorneys at Sterling Bankruptcy Center will be able to quote you a fee. Click here for a free on-line evaluation form and an experienced attorney will contact you or call (888) 744-8227 to schedule your free consultation with one of Sterling Bankruptcy Center's experienced bankruptcy attorneys.

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